Drive Share Promo Codes

Even though drive share companies all seem to be doing well with no shortage of customers, some of them still offer promotions in order to entice still more customers. One of these promotions is that you can get a free first ride with a lyft promo code. The popularity of these companies is perhaps understandable as they offer a very convenient form of transport to anyone that has their app downloaded onto their smartphones. Once the app has been downloaded, anytime someone needs transport to take them somewhere or to return them home, they merely enter the details for where to be picked up and where to be dropped off, into the app and the rest is done for them; a vehicle will be assigned to pick them up and they need not even bother to check if they have cash with them. All payments under this system are made via the apps and the passenger’s debit or credit card; the drivers will be paid later by the app operator.

This then is very appealing to any driver that wants to make some extra money in their spare time as these companies use any driver that volunteers. If you are a driver and would like to make some money in your spare time, all you need is a valid driver’s licence and a smartphone you can download the app onto. Of course it is always better if you have your own car but even if you don’t, it is sometimes possible to arrange with the company, that you use a rental car. Although there are busy times during the day and also quiet times, the amount you can earn per hour varies but it is possible to earn as much as $35 per hour. If you work for the drive share company regularly, perhaps over 30 hours per month, it is possible that you may even earn bonuses of as much as $500 but usually they are at least $50 bonuses, depending on exactly how many hours you did work that particular 30 day period. Drivers for these companies work whatever hours they feel like and only accept trips that they want to make. This means that with no set hours and no boss to worry about, the extra money seems easy to make. Of course there are some passengers that can give trouble but as the drivers make reports on all their passengers, usually the company will refuse service to passengers that are repeatedly troublesome.

Of course it is rare that anything can please everybody and in this instance, the people that are not pleased, are the more traditional taxi drivers in areas where drive share are operating. This is perhaps understandable as it is those taxi drivers that are losing their business to the drive share companies. Although some taxi cooperatives have made formal complaints, the complaints have so far, only prompted local authorities to look into the situation as drive share has already become popular and stopping it would be a very unpopular decision.

Tips to Gain More Customers: Increasing Your Sales

There are a thousand ways to get customers and clients into your shop, probably the easiest would be the way on how you organize your store. Customers often go to stores which are much easier to navigate rather than those which have long isles and hallways. It’s much pretty easy for customers to access the isles regarding the purpose or the way they are arranged for certain products.

Just recently, some Asian store have stationed guides and customer support just beside entrances on marts and other small department stores. Quite often, the most common thing they actually say and ask is if are the buyers have more questions about the products they have bought. They often have the record and the product specifications within their hands and are much likely to be engaged in client support.

If you have some products that gives you lesser sale, try re-organizing your product stands by placing them near the entrances. This is the most common way on how retailers devise ways to even out the investment on certain products by re-organizing them by putting them near entrances, or, sell them with discounts.